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OpenSea to allow users to submit bulk NFT listings and purchases
OpenSea, the digital marketplace for crypto collectibles and nonfungible tokens (NFTs), announced in a series of tweets on Oct. 5 that the platform will officially allow its users to bulk list and bulk purchase up to 30 digital collectible items in a single flow. In the case of bulk buying, the platform will allow its users to add up to 30 items from the same chain to their cart before finalizing their purchases in a single transaction…(Read More)

🔗 Developers

Near Protocol partners with Google Cloud to support Web3 devs
Near Foundation has announced a new partnership between Google Cloud and Near Protocol, providing infrastructure for Near’s Web3 startup platform, Pagoda. According to an Oct. 4 announcement, this partnership will allow Google Cloud to provide “technical support” to Near grant recipients by providing infrastructure for Near’s Remote Procedure Call node provider to Pagoda…(Read More)

🌖 Metaverse

Warner Music Group Continues Its Web3 Expansion With New Metaverse Job Posting
Music and entertainment conglomerate Warner Music Group (WMG) is continuing to expand its Web3 strategy, evident in its latest job posting for a senior director for metaverse development. The role, posted to LinkedIn on Wednesday, calls for someone based in New York to lead its metaverse strategy, including “music entertainment experiences in metaverse and gaming.”…(Read More)

👾 Game-Fi

Web3 gaming still a long way from mainstream adoption: Survey
A new survey commissioned by blockchain entertainment provider Coda Labs suggests that despite the huge amount of money being poured into Web3 gaming, traditional gamers are still yet to warm up to crypto or nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and have little interest in Web3 games. According to the survey, gamers pointed to practical barriers as their main reason for shying away from Web3 games, with gamers often not knowing how they might work and lacking a blockchain wallet…(Read More)

GameFi could be the answer to unemployment for some: Aussie game studio
Australian-based Web3 game studio Ninja Syndicate’s CEO and founder believes GameFi could usher in a new era where users can earn a living wage through blockchain games. Speaking to Cointelegraph, founder John Nguyen and CEO Alex Dunmow say that traditional jobs are increasingly at risk through factors such as automation…(Read More)

📈 DeFi & Trading

BTC to outperform ‘most major assets’ in H2 2022 — Bloomberg analyst
Senior commodity strategist at Bloomberg Intelligence, Mike McGlone, stated October has historically been the best month for Bitcoin (BTC) since 2014, averaging gains of about 20% for the month, and that commodities appearing to peak could imply that Bitcoin has reached its bottom…(Read More)

How Crypto Twitter could change under Musk’s leadership
Barring another change of heart and certain conditions to be met, Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter looks set to go ahead, prompting the question of whether some or all of the changes he initially hinted for the platform will become a reality. The platform is a popular communication and news tool for crypto enthusiasts, users and investors, not to mention crypto scammers, with the social media platform seeing roughly 120,000 tweets per day about #Bitcoin alone, according to BitInfoCharts…(Read More)

⚖️ Policy & Law

It’s happened: Someone’s filed for Cramer ETFs with the SEC
Connecticut-based advisory firm Tuttle Capital Management has submitted a preliminary prospectus filing with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for two new exchange-traded funds (ETFs) centered around betting against the investment tips from Jim Cramer…(Read More)

US lawmakers request Justice Dept share CBDC assessment
In an Oct. 5 letter addressed to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, 11 Republican lawmakers asked the Justice Department for a copy of its “assessment of whether legislative changes would be necessary to issue a CBDC,” as required by President Joe Biden’s executive order on digital assets issued in March. The House members claimed the “appropriate place for the discussion” on legislation concerning a central bank digital currency would be in the U.S. legislative branch rather than the federal executive department…(Read More)

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