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25 August #NFT #Developers #GameFi#Metaverse #DeFi&Trading #Policy&Law

NFTs are a ‘natural place’ for digital artists — Gal Yosef
Gal Yosez指出,NFT对数字艺术家来说是一个“自然的地方”

The hype surrounding nonfungible tokens, or NFTs, may have died down in recent months due to the crypto bear market, but that hasn’t stopped digital artists from experimenting in the new and exciting space. Gal Yosef, a globally renowned self-taught artist in the field of 3D art and animation, has proven his versatility by launching two successful NFT collections. In an exclusive interview with Cointelegraph, Yosef explained why NFTs are a “natural” transition for digital artists and why the industry is poised to grow despite current headwinds…(Read More)

🔗 Developers
Uniswap Community Votes to Create First-time Foundation

Uniswap community members have voted to create the Uniswap Foundation, an organization that will support decentralized growth and long-term sustainability of their namesake protocol. The Uniswap Foundation will be an independent entity within the Uniswap ecosystem that will focus entirely on supporting the decentralized exchange’s native digital asset…(Read More)

👾 Game-Fi
GameFi developers could be facing big fines and hard time
Tokens related to cryptocurrency games — known colloquially as “GameFi” — were worth a cumulative total of nearly $10 billion as of mid-August, give or take a few billion. (The number may vary depending on whether you want to include partially finished projects, how you count the number of tokens that projects technically have in circulation, and so on.) In that sense, whether the games are legal is a $10 billion question that few investors have considered. And that’s an oversight they may soon regret…(Read More)

📈 DeFi & Trading
Ripple Is Attempting a Correction, but Tamadoge Is the Real Game Changer

After Ripple has witnessed a massive trend reversal towards the downside. It appears as if this crypto is currently attempting to recover the lost price levels. However, only when things started gaining a better outlook did we begin to witness more signs of setbacks. It appears as if selling pressure has resumed once more only when the price has only recovered just about 5.7% correction in the upside…(Read More)

⚖️ Policy & Law
‘Atozy you’ve won’ — Bitboy drops lawsuit after $200K defense raised
“Atozy你赢了” — — Bitboy在获得20万美元的辩护后放弃了诉讼

Ben Armstrong, the man behind Bitboy Crypto said that he is dropping the defamation suit against fellow Youtube content creator Erling Mengshoel Jr., who goes by the name Atozy. Armstrong officially filed the suit against Mengshoel Jr. on Aug. 12 in response to a Nov 2021 video titled “This YouTuber scams his fans… Bitboy Crypto” which alleged that Armstrong was dishonestly promoting dubious assets to his audience such as PAMP for his own gain. He was seeking $75,000 in damages over the ordeal…(Read More)

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#Uniswap #UniswapFoundation

Community members of Uniswap have voted to create Uniswap Foundation to support open-source community governance within the protocol. It has come to a reality after receiving over 99% of votes from UNI token holders.

What is Uniswap Foundation?

The Uniswap Foundation will be an independent entity within the Uniswap ecosystem but focus on supporting decentralized exchange’s native digital asset. Having the aim of reducing governance friction at Uniswap in mind, the foundation aims to improve the ecosystem by focusing on the development of high-impact and high-value projects.

With that in mind, they are requesting $74 million from DAO , which will be divided into two disbursements:

“$20 million will be allocated to operating expenses and grants over the next to years, and $54 million handed out by the Uniswap Treasury after the foundation establishes its legal entity.”

What are the concerns?

The supporters believe that Uniswap Foundation would be a value-added element to the Uniswap community, especially considering the governance challenges that UniSwap is facing, which include: voter apathy and overworked polling delegates, difficulty in improving the governance process, and lack of accountability.

With the Foundation, it will be able to represent the various stakeholders in the agreement, liaise closely with the delegates, and get things done in a way that Uniswap has never had before, which is a very positive sign in terms of freeing up Uniswap’s operational capacity and efficiency.

However, on the other side, there are also community members who stressed the fact that the foundation without accountability and clearer KPIs is just money wasted and also asked the question of does the foundation even deserve the money.

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