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20 July #NFT #Developers #DeFi&Trading


Another phishing scam has hit the non-fungible token (NFT) community, with the latest target being the social media accounts of NFT influencer Zeneca. The compromised Twitter and Discord accounts linked to a fake airdrop for the influencer’s “Zen Academy Founders Pass,” tricking unsuspecting users into connecting their wallets. The damage from the attack remains unknown…(Read More)

On Sunday, hackers infiltrated popular NFT registration platform Premint and made away with 320 stolen NFTs and more than $400,000 in profit in one of the biggest such hacks this year…(Read More)

SubQuery is excited to offer Fetch-ai Network (an interchain protocol based on the Cosmos-SDK) as part of its goal to help all native layers of the Cosmos ecosystem. Thanks to the Fetch-ai network, which is creating an open access smart infrastructure for a decentralized digital economy, it will be possible to construct a Smart infrastructure…(Read More)

According to the press release, with the trading terminal, users can build custom trading bots using Python and choose from five different trading bots…(Read More)

Signs of seller exhaustion are creating conditions that resemble a market bottom for bitcoin (BTC), according to a report from blockchain analysis firm Glassnode. Realized losses, or the losses incurred by selling assets, show the extent of investor capitulation. The magnitude can be charted using blockchain data…(Read More)

Pyth Network, an oracle solution for financial data, today announced a new data-sharing partnership with cryptocurrency exchange Huobi Global.Huobi Global will share its valuable cryptocurrency data directly on-chain to Pyth, enabling it to better provide financial data for its DeFi ecosystem…(Read More)




在当前的技术发展和背景下,开发者的愿景为 — — 为用户构建、并继续构建那些“代表用户”的软件,而AEA则是Fetch.Ai给出的开发方案,则是让开发者通过可以重读使用代码和封装功能的形式来快速构建代理。




NEAR protocol is here in Singapore!

Grand kick-off event on 29th JULY, all web3 learners and enthusiasts are welcome.
Come meet us and connect with like-minded talents.
Grab Your Seat: https://tally.so/r/wQKV87
Join Group: https://t.me/Near_Singapore

We believe in fair education for everyone to form your own opinions.
We aim to cultivate the ethical use and mass adoption of blockchain technology.

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