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3 min readSep 2, 2022


02 September #NFT #Developers #DeFi & Trading #Policy & Law

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Kevin Rose’s Proof Raises $50M, Plots Token and Moonbirds NFT Expansion

Proof, the Web3 startup behind the Proof Collective NFT membership club and valuable Moonbirds NFT collection, made a bevy of announcements today during its Future Proof streaming presentation — including sizable funding, new NFT initiatives, and plans for a token…(Read More)

🔗 Developers
Fireblocks launches Web3 Engine support on Solana

Digital asset custody platform Fireblocks has launched support for Solana, giving its thousands of users access to the developer network’s applications and infrastructure…(Read More)

📈 DeFi & Trading
BTC Network Profitability Decreases Significantly

Bitcoin (BTC) has witnessed a strong bearish market sentiment in the past few days as the world’s most dominant digital asset dropped below $20,000 amid strength in the US Dollar. Among other negative indicators, profitability across the BTC network has dipped significantly in the last week…(Read More)

Ethereum Address Transfers 64,000 ETH to Unknown Wallet
In a major crypto move on 31 August, a prominent Ethereum address transferred 64,000 ETH to an unknown wallet. According to Whale Alert, the value of the transfer stands at $102 million. The transaction was executed at around 05:01 UTC…(Read More)

⚖️ Policy & Law
CFTC and SEC open comments for proposal to amend crypto reporting rules for large hedge funds
The United States Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC, and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, or CFTC, have called for comments on a proposal that would require large advisers to certain hedge funds to report exposure to crypto…(Read More)

CZ hits back at claims Binance is a Chinese company
Binance CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao has hit back at critics and conspiracy theorists who claim Binance to be a Chinese-based “criminal entity” that “secretly [belongs] in the pocket of the Chinese government.” CZ’s response to critics came from a Thursday blog post via Binance, and stems from a Twitter spat with a former Washington Post journalist who asked him, “While I have you here, who’s Guangying Chen?”…(Read More)

🔍 Learn
#CBDCs #sandbox

The United States think tank, Digital Dollar Project (DDP), has launched a “technical sandbox” aimed at advancing the exploration of a potential United States central bank digital currency (CBDC) and its application of it including technological, business, and policy solutions for a digital dollar.

What is the project about?

The program will serve as a collaborative space for the DDP participants and financial service providers, offering a neutral environment for the evaluation of the technological, business, and policy approaches to CBDCs. Program participants will examine real-world technology, explore potential implications to business strategies and operations, and experiment to uncover possible use-case specific solutions.

Each cohort of the DDP Technical Sandbox Program will consist of two phases: an education phase and a pilot phase. Through the education phase of the Technical Sandbox Program, the DDP partners and participants will develop a business and functional understanding of the technology and evaluate the differences in possible design choices.

During the pilot phase, the DDP partners and participants will identify and test specific CBDC use-case hypotheses with the aim of gathering data on business-level impacts. The results gathered will be broadly shared and used to inform both private and public sector stakeholders on how advancing technical solutions can unlock business value in a transformative way.

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