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03 June | We Stand for Justice, so does Web3.

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#Trustless Evidence: Web 3 Is Helping Document War Crimes in Ukraine

In an era of misinformation, blockchain technology can renew our faith in evidential truth, not least during the current conflict in Ukraine, says Jonathan Dotan, the founding director of The Starling Lab…(read more)

#‘Speculative’ Luna Classic Best Seen as a Meme Coin

Luna Classic (LUNC) tokens on the old Terra chain — now known as the Terra Classic chain — are still circulating, and remain available on many exchanges. But with the algorithmic stablecoin terraUSD (UST) trading far below its dollar peg, and the ecosystem migrating to the new Terra chain, does the old Luna token still serve a purpose? …(read more)

#New York Senate Passes Bitcoin Mining Moratorium

The bill, which was passed by the state Assembly last month, would impose a two-year moratorium on any new PoW mining projects powered by carbon-based fuel in the Empire State, though existing mining firms or ones currently undergoing the permit renewal process would be allowed to continue operations. The Senate voted 36–27 in favor of the bill…(read more)

#Brazilian Crypto Unicorn 2TM Lays Off Over 80 Employees

2TM, the holding company for Mercado Bitcoin, Brazil’s largest crypto exchange by market valuation, laid off over 80 employees on Wednesday. “The changing global financial landscape, rising interest rates and inflation have been having a major impact on technology-based companies,” 2TM said in a statement, without mentioning an exact number of layoffs…(read more)

#Binance and The Weeknd Launch a ‘Crypto-Powered’ World Tour

Today, Binance and The Weeknd announced that the exchange will sponsor the artist’s After Hours ’Til Dawn world tour, which begins in July and will kick off in United States and Canada. A Binance release describes it as a “crypto-powered tour,” and claims it will be the first global concert tour to tap Web3 technology for fan experiences…(read more)

#Just 18% of Respondents Do Not Expect Bitcoin to Become Legal Tender in 3 Years — Survey

Replying to the statement: “I expect my country’s government or central bank to officially make Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies legal tender for transactions in my country” in the next three years — some 36.6% of those polled strongly or somewhat agreed, 43.4% neither agreed nor disagreed, while 17.9% said that they somewhat or strongly disagree with this statement…. (read more)

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在数字时代,所有数字证据都不可避免地有两大问题:一、面对着如deep fake等操纵数据的威胁;二、并没有任何平台可以一站式验证这些数字证据的正当性

但是Starling Lab为此提供了新的解决方案。

Starlinglab官方介绍(来源:Starling Framework/YouTube)

谁是Starling Lab? Starling Lab为南加州大学Shoah基金会、斯坦福大学和Protocol Labs发起的团队,是世界上首个专门通过去中心化工具去提升人类权益的去中心化工具。成立宗旨为通过提高数据可信度来维护社会公义与民主。

在Web3蓬勃发展的阶段,Starling Lab将区块链(Blockchain)共享账本(Distributed Ledger Technology)等工具的成熟视为通过新技术重塑规范和法律的机会。以俄乌战争为例,Starling Lab认为,若是将Web3技术运用得当,便可以通过不可更改的兼管链完善问责制,保护证据提供方和相关人士的隐私权。因此,该团队开发了一个“Starling Framework”框架,用以安全地捕获、存储和验证数字内容,放眼解决数字信任危机。

目前,Starling Lab的数字信任解决方案为Web 3技术的集合体,包括 L1 协议、L2 协议、NFT 和安全硬件钱包(Secured Hardware Wallet),以创建一个能够安全地端到端保存数字证据的机制。虽然这个机制的技术很复杂,但整体而言能够达成三大重要目标,即捕获、储存和验证

  1. 捕获 (Capture)——在捕获时注册和密封数字内容及其元数据
  2. 存储(Store) — — 加密内容,保存在去中心化网络上
  3. 验证(Verify) — — 记录专家评估和审计内容的证明

目前,该框架已经开始加密验证和保存所有来自应用程序、社交媒体和网站的开源情报。在俄乌战争进行之际,他们也对所有流传在社交平台上的“战争罪”证据进行验证。利用Web3技术,Starling Lab有望帮助司法机关和任何受害人获得更公正透明的司法结果。

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# Web3 Is Our Chance to Make a Better Internet

A Fair, Just Internet Is Possible.

Web3 offers the opportunity for a meaningful course correction — a chance to reimagine the internet and build new platforms from first principles.

#Hala Systems: Blockchain Case Study for Saving Lives and Mitigating War Crimes

From a prosecution perspective, it’s invaluable. We can now link bombardments and human casualties and all these war crimes; we can connect them to an airplane, which means we can connect them to a pilot, we can connect them to an airbase, to an air wing, to a commander.



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