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26 July #NFT #Developers #Metaverse #Game-fi #DeFi&Trading


NFT utility to remedy ticketing dilemmas? Experts weigh in

NFTs are multi-faceted in that they ensure the credibility of tickets and enable IoT functionality while also serving as a unique digital collectible to commemorate an event. How that NFT ticket looks and what it incorporates are up to the creators. The NFL’s NFT tickets are minted on the Polygon blockchain and feature different animated visual elements…(Read More)

GameStop ‘Falling Man’ NFT saga shows people’s power at its finest
GameStop的NFT传奇“Falling Man”展示了人类最好的力量

The NFT in question, titled “Falling Man,” showed a man in a space suit falling downwards. The NFT in question had quite a resemblance to the infamous 9/11 photo of a man falling to his death that has since s become a defining moment of the deadly attacks. Many believed the NFT was mimicking the 9/11 victim and also infringed on the copyright of the image taken by original photojournalist Richard Drew…(Read More)

🔗 Developers
Tether, Bitfinex, Hypercore Launch Encrypted Communications Protocol Holepunch
Tether, Bitfinex, Hypercore启动加密通信协议Holepunch

Holepunch is a fully encrypted protocol that is designed to “unlock global communications, empower freedom of speech and combat censorship around the world,” according to a company statement…(Read More)

👾 Game-Fi
GetFit launches Move & Earn token to revolutionize the web3 era

GetFit’s new move2earn platform is an example of the real-world use cases blockchain has to offer to go beyond the crypto community. Through the company’s user-friendly, mobile app platform, GetFit aims to make both fitness and Game-Fi more accessible to anyone with a smartphone, revitalizing healthy lifestyle among crypto users…(Read More)

📈 DeFi & Trading
Tesla reports $64M profit from Bitcoin sale

Elon Musk’s electric vehicle company sold 75% of its BTC in the second quarter. The company’s overall profitability was impacted by inflation and the competition for battery cells…(Read More)

Barclays Plans to Buy a Stake in Crypto Platform Copper

The UK-based financial giant, Barclays is reportedly investing a ‘decent’ amount in Copper, one of the fastest-growing companies in the institutional crypto space…(Read More)

🔍 Learn
#Holepunch #Communication

Tether、Bitfinex 和 Hypercore 开源协议团队基于底层技术 Holepunch,合作推出点对点通信应用 Keet,移动版本预计会在 2022 年 11 月推出。根据公司声明,Holepunch 是一种加密协议,旨在“畅通全球通信、加强言论自由和打击全球审查”。在这一个通信应用中,Holepunch提供一系列易于使用和协作的P2P数据结构,使开发人员能够专注于构建应用,是一种由比特币的Layer 2 闪电网络(Lighting Network)支持的内置支付API。

Keet (来源:Top Trend Coins)

区块链办公?自COVID-19冠状病毒大流行以来,雇主转向远程工作,数字通信应用程序Zoom和Google Meet,以及Discord、Slack和Telegram等的用户急剧增加。但是,这些Web2的应用程序在隐私、数据使用和远程办公模式下有着很大的问题。



加密技术怎么帮?上述新推出的Keet是一种新兴的P2P加密通讯形式,仅允许在通话参与者之间共享端到端加密数据,而视频则通过直接连接进行操作,无需使用限制性能的服务器。在 Keet 共享文件时也没有上传时间,其他点对点参与者可以立即从源下载,此外更是内置了比特币闪电和 USDT 小额付款。但是,加密通讯仅仅是区块链技术应用后的一个实现场面,通过区块链的数据结构,能够保障数据传输和安全。并且主要围绕着一下两点进行“区块链办公”升级:

  1. 信息共享
  2. 工作追责

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