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19 September #NFT #Developers #DeFi & Trading #Policy&Law

NFT & Crypto (Source: BSC News)


NFTs will bring crypto to billions of users, explains VC investor
Avichal Garg, the CEO and co-founder of Electric Capital, defines himself as “an NFT maximalist,” who believes that nonfungible tokens (NFTs) will play an essential role in bringing crypto to the masses. Unlike other crypto niches, NFTs are relatable to aspects of everyday life such as art, music and games…(Read More)

NFT Collector Spends $50,000 To Immortalize Ethereum’s Last PoW Block
Yesterday, as crypto enthusiasts watched Ethereum transition to Proof of Stake consensus without skipping a beat, one investor decided that the occasion merited a serious memento. The last Ethereum block finalized under proof-of-work was number 15537393, and this unknown collector spent over 30 ETH ($50,000 at the time) to mint it as an NFT…(Read More)

Fortnite Creator’s Epic Games Store Launches First NFT Game
Blankos Block Party, an NFT-powered online creation game, launched today on the Epic Games Store, becoming the first Web3 title published on the popular PC gaming marketplace. Mythical Games’ title was previously available from its own website after launching with an open beta in December 2020, and the company said in June this year that Blankos had amassed more than one million total users to date…(Read More)

🔗 Developers

1m youth to be educated on Web3 and digital assets
Pakistan’s Prime Minister’s Office, in partnership with Fasset as part of their Prime Minister’s Youth Programme (PMYP), will educate 1 million young people on Blockchain-based technologies, web3, and crypto. assets In this regard, the Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Youth Affairs Shaza Khwaja met with the team of Fasset where the partnership was agreed upon. The partnership, in conjunction with JazzCash, will work on the Skills for Future Agency agenda, bringing much-needed education to the masses. It will impact approximately 1 million youth over the period of a year, creating learning and work opportunities with significant economic impact…(Read More)

BNB Smart Chain Teams Up With Google Cloud to Accelerate Web3 Development
BNB Smart Chain, the blockchain developed by major crypto exchange Binance, has announced a strategic partnership with Google Cloud, the cloud computing services arm of multinational tech conglomerate Google. The BNB Chain team said in a press release that it is joining forces with Google Cloud to accelerate the growth of web 3 and blockchain startups-ups…(Read More)

📈 DeFi & Trading

Avalanche price analysis: AVAX/USD bounces up after testing the support line at $16.2
Yesterday marked a bearish day for Avalanche price analysis as the price went all the way down to $16.79 from yesterday’s closing price of $18.47. AVAX/USD is undergoing significant volatility today and is following the overall sentiment of the market…(Read More)

$400M in Liquidations as Ethereum (ETH) Slumps to 2-Month Lows
The total value of liquidated positions on a 24-hour scale is on the rise again, touching $400 million. This comes as the entire crypto market has turned red, with ETH leading the way following a violent 10% daily drop. The overall crypto market cap is down by $60 billion daily to just over $900 billion on CoinMarketCap. These adverse price movements come ahead of the interest rate hikes expected from the central banks of the US and EU this week…(Read More)

⚖️ Policy & Law

ZudgeZury launches conflict resolution platform and token
Members of the ZudgeZury community can raise issues or concerns regarding financial advice, their dating life, family, vacations, personal problems, education, or any other problem. The issue is addressed by Zury experts, and they “pronounce” a verdict in real-time…(Read More)

Ripple, SEC case heads for conclusion after ‘summary judgment’ filed
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Ripple Labs have both called for a federal judge to make an immediate ruling on whether Ripple’s XRP sales violated U.S. securities laws. In separate motions filed on Sept. 17 by Ripple and the SEC, both have called for a summary judgment in the U.S. District Court Southern District of New York…(Read More)

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