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04 August #NFT #Developers #DeFi&Trading #Policy&Law

A New Web3 Email Design Aims to Tackle NFT Fraud

The service, which is still in beta testing, allows users to “claim” their Web3 email address at ethermail.io and access it via a familiar email client of their choosing, or by using EtherMail’s own client. To claim an address, users log in with their wallet of choice and sign a transaction agreeing to the service’s terms and conditions…(Read More)

🔗 Developers
Alchemy and Astar Network Combine Forces to Boost Web3 Development on Polkadot
Alchemy和Astar Network联合推动在Polkadot上的Web3开发

As per the press release shared with CryptoPotato, the move essentially aims to simplify the process for developers to create decentralized applications on Polkadot’s leading parachain — Astar Network. The developers will also be able to use Alchemy’s APIs to create sophisticated apps that utilize features previously unavailable on Polkadot…(Read More)

📈 DeFi & Trading
MicroStrategy stock MSTR hits 3-month high after CEO’s exit

MicroStrategy (MSTR) stock opened higher on Aug. 3 as investors digested the news of its CEO Michael Saylor’s exit after a depressive quarterly earnings report. On the daily chart, MSTR’s price surged by nearly 14.5% to $324.55 per share, the highest level since May 6…(Read More)

Hackers might be responsible for removing $4.8M from crypto exchange ZB.com: PeckShield

The suspected hack followed ZB.com announcing the suspension of deposits and withdrawals on Tuesday in response to the “sudden failure of some core applications.” In a Wednesday tweet, PeckShield speculated that hackers might be responsible for transferring 21 types of tokens off of the exchange starting on Monday, including Tether (USDT), Shiba Inu (SHIB), and Tesra (TSR)…(Read More)

⚖️ Policy & Law
US Lawmakers Move to Clarify Definition of ‘Brokers’ in 2021 Infrastructure Law

A bipartisan group of U.S. lawmakers wants to ensure that the definition of a crypto “broker” for tax reporting purposes is not too broad…the bill would exclude miners or other node operators and wallet manufacturers from the definition of a “broker” in a 2021 infrastructure law that imposed new tax reporting requirements on those facilitating crypto transactions…(Read More)

Ex-Coinbase Product Manager Pleads Not Guilty in Crypto Insider Trading Case: Report

Former Coinbase (COIN) product manager Ishan Wahi has pleaded not guilty to federal charges of insider trading, according to a Reuters report on Wednesday. Ishan Wahi is accused of sharing information about which crypto assets the exchange would be listing next with his brother Nikhil Wahi and Sameer Ramani prior to the actual listing…(Read More)

🔍 Learn

8 月 3 日,Solana 网络遭遇了价值数百万美元的黑客攻击,原因未知。该攻击导致Solana的网络的原生代币SOL在过去 24 小时内下跌3.76% ,跌至 38 美元,有超过 8000 个钱包受到影响。

Solana的官方Twitter账户公布消息说,大约有7767个钱包受到攻击的影响,包括由第三方Phantom和Slope运营的钱包。该公司没有解释攻击的原因,但指出没有证据表明硬件钱包(没有连接到互联网的钱包)受到了影响。黑客已经能够窃取Solana自己铸造的加密货币(SOL)和一些与Solana区块链兼容的加密货币,如稳定币USD Coin(USDC)。

攻击的潜在因素?一些用户怀疑此次黑客攻击可能与基于Solana的NFT交易市场 Magic Eden 上的交易有关,但该猜测目前尚未得到证实。Magic Eden 方面则未予以置评。康奈尔教授、AVA Labs Ep的创始人Emin Gün Sirer认为,此次Solana的攻击是“供应链攻击”,意味着攻击者获得私钥的访问权限而入侵JavaScript库(JS Library)窃取用户的私钥。

当有人通过直接访问系统或是通过外部合作的伙伴或供应商渗透到系统时,便会发生供应链攻击(Supply Chain Attack;也称价值链攻击、第三方攻击或是后门邪路),一种通过各种手段非法访问企业系统。供应链的攻击很难追踪,通常通过传播病毒或是其他恶意软件来达成目的。整体而言,供应链攻击包括软件、硬件和固件攻击:

  1. 软件供应链攻击:通过一个受损的应用/软件在整个供应链上传播恶意软件,通过针对应用的源代码,将恶意程序嵌入至受信任的应用或是软件系统内。通常,在软件或是应用更新时最常见。
  2. 硬件供应链攻击:依赖于物理设备盗取信息,例如USB键盘记录器,通过记录击键的顺序来确定特定账户的密码,网络犯罪分子则通过如此访问公司的敏感信息、客户记录和付款信息。因此,攻击目标常为一个能够贯穿整个供应链的设备。
  3. 固体供应链攻击:通过恶意软件插入电脑的引导代码对系统展开攻击,电脑一旦开启便会危及整个系统,往往无法检测。

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