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24 June #NFT #Developers #DeFi&Trading

Horizon Bridge Suffers $100mil Hack (Source: Investing.com)

Ronaldo and Binance Announce NFT Partnership

The Brazilian football legend said his collection would be an opportunity for fans to “own an iconic piece of sports history.” Despite being built on one of the leading crypto ecosystems, Binance NFTs have never really taken off…(Read More)

Cryptoys banks a16z funding to build NFTs for kids

NFT startup Cryptoys is raising tens of millions of dollars with the goal of building a blockchain-based toy company that can expose younger users to the ideas of digital ownership and NFT mechanics.Even so, making a blockchain easy enough for kids to use is a bit of a moot point at the moment, as users signing up for the platform will be required to be 18 or older, though CEO Will Weinraub says that parent-controlled wallets are on the way…(Read More)

Coinbase will add support for Polygon and Solana on-chain transactions

Starting next month, qualifying Coinbase customers will be able to send and receive ETH, MATIC, and USDC on Polygon and USDC on Solana…(Read More)

Filecoin data storage and retrieval tool Boost releases v1.0.0

Boost, a data storage and retrieval tool on Filecoin, releases v1.0.0. Boost introduced v1.2.0 Storage Transaction Proposal Protocol (SDPP), which enables storage clients to specify different transport types for transferring data…(Read More)

📈 DeFi & Trading
Harmony’s Horizon Bridge Suffers $100 Million Hack

Harmony’s Horizon cross-chain bridge has suffered a $100 million hack, according to an official announcement made by the project’s team earlier this Friday…(Read More)

Coinbase Launching ‘Nano’ Bitcoin Futures via Derivatives Exchange

Now Coinbase has rebranded FairX as the Coinbase Derivatives Exchange, and its “nano Bitcoin futures” — 1/100th of a Bitcoin, marketed under the ticker BIT — is its first listed crypto derivatives product…(Read More)

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#Harmony #Horizon #Bridge

今天,通往Harmony的第一层区块链的Horizon Bridge遭到骇客攻击,估计已经被窃取了价值一亿美元的加密货币,包括Frax (Frax),、Wrapped Ether (WETH)、Aave (Aave)、Sushi (Sushi)、Frax Share (FXS)、AAG (AAG)、币安USD (BUSD)。Dai (Dai)、Tether (USDT)、Wrapped BTC (WBTC)和USD Coin (USDC)等,而不幸的是,骇客已经开始将赃款兑换成并以太币(ETH)。目前,Harmony团队正在与国家机关和专家合作,企图找寻相关解决方案。

Harmony(来源:Crypto News)

Harmony? Horizon Bridge? Harmony由Stephen Tse在2018年创立,是一个具有独特功能的的区块链平台,旨在引入状态分片来解决区块链的扩容问题,在显著提升网络性能的同时不损失安全性和去中心化发展。

Harmony具有提高区块本身的可拓展性的深度分片系统(Deep Sharding)、共识协议、分布式随机生成和跨链的互操作性,能够减少以太坊的局限性。Harmony的原生代币为ONE,取名来自于平台愿景——“For One and For All”。

Horizon Bridge是Harmony官方开发的跨链桥,利用智能合约锁定用户的原始资产,在Harmony上铸造新的资产分发给用户,可以任意实现以太坊ERC-20种类的代币(如Tether (USDT), Chainlink (LINK), AAX Token (AAB)等)、币安智能链BEP-20代币,甚至是将比特币跨链到Harmony上。这些 “桥” 存在的意义,等同于现实生活中的海关。

举个例子,若小美今天在以太坊的主网上有ETH,但是想要在Harmony的链上使用,由于这两个区块链是独立的,有着不同的协议、规则、社区和机制,因此便需要通过区块链的“海关”(即“桥”)来进行资产转移,将资产转移至Harmony上。按照实现方式,“桥”可以分为信任桥无需信任桥,前者由一个中心机构保管用户资金(如Ethereum Bridge和Horizon Bridge),后者则是基于智能合约和算法的去中心化桥,不要求用户信任某个机构才能使用,资金总是由用户保管。

如何通过Horizon Bridge转移以太坊的资产至Harmony?(来源:Harmony Protocol/Youtube)

而在这一次的骇客攻击事件中,无需信任桥和其资产都没有受到波及,目前,Horizon Bridge在各大平台上都暂时运营。虽然Harmony官方尚未说明事件发生的主因,但是在此之前,加密币风险基金Ape Dev的创始人Chainstride Capital指出,Horizon Bridge所需的签名者数量很少容易遭到骇客攻击,许多人也预测这是Horizon Bridge遭到攻击的主因。

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