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08 June | Web 3 Gaming Is Coming-simida.

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#Solana sets up $100 million fund for Korean crypto startups

Solana Ventures and Solana Foundation, the Switzerland-based entity that promotes the growth of the network, have jointly stumped up the funds. They will be used for investments and grants in a range of Korean crypto startups, but with a focus on those in gaming, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and DeFi…(read more)

#Singapore trading platform ADDX recognises crypto assets of accredited investors

Singapore-based private securities platform ADDX said it has become the first financial firm in the Republic to recognise cryptocurrency in their assessment of assets of high-net worth clients. ADDX said it will accept crypto assets only in the category of net personal assets and will apply a 50 per cent discount rate for Bitcoin or Ether…(read more)

#Brazilian Crypto Exchange Foxbit Forced to Pay Customer in ‘Lost’ Ethereum Claim

A court in Brazil has ordered the domestic crypto exchange Foxbit and another crypto-related firm to “reimburse” customer who “lost” almost USD 3,000 worth of ETH in a transfer in February 2020…(read more)

#Japanese VC Firm Mistletoe Strengthens Crypto Focus, Says Web3 Will Spread to All Industries

In terms of the most important innovations in crypto at the moment, Taira, the co-founder of Mistletoe, pointed to ETH 2.0, scaling techniques such as Zero-Knowledge proofs, as well as the coming mass adoption of non-fungible tokens (NFT) and crypto-based gaming (GameFi), as some of the most interesting developments…(read more)

#PayPal Converts Conditional Virtual Currency License to Full BitLicense

PayPal (PYPL), a payments firm that’s offered crypto buy and sell options since 2020, is the newest recipient of New York’s landmark virtual currency license…(read more)

#Outgoing French Lawmaker Calls for Fossil-Based Crypto Mining Ban, DAO Legal Status

France should recognize decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in its legal system, a leading lawmaker said in a report published Wednesday, hitting out at European crypto regulation whose approach, he says, has largely been defensive…(read more)

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#Solana #Korea #Crypto

6月8日,Solana Labs游戏总经理Johnny Lee称,Solana Ventures和Solana Foundation已经设立1亿美元的投资和赠款基金,向韩国Web3初创公司提供资金,并将专注于投资韩国的游戏工作室、GameFi、NFT和DeFi项目

Solana是什么?Solana 创立于2017年,是一个总部位于瑞士日内瓦的DeFi(去中心化金融)区块链项目。技术团队致力于将Solana打造为一条根据摩尔定律扩容、为大规模应用提供高性能和低费用的公链,凭借着新的运作机制,解决了比特币和以太坊区块链中存在的传统吞吐量限制的问题,因此被称为“以太坊杀手”,也因其可扩展性,被业界称为“加密货币界的VISA”

韩国与加密货币(来源:Bitcoin News)



而Solana选择投资韩国,除了韩国人民对加密货币的需求和黏性高于其他亚洲国家之外,同时也是因为韩国国内游戏产链、电子移动支付和互联网系统相较于其他国家更成熟。Solana Labs的游戏总经理Johnny Lee表示,他们发现大部分的韩国的游戏产业已经自主转向发展web3,是亚洲不可多得的加web3沃土。在韩国,他们能找到更灵活变化和种类不同的初创团队,并且有望能够在不久的将来将web3游戏普及化。

韩国的加密货币世代 (来源:Cointelegraph)

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# South Korea is betting on the metaverse — and it could provide a blueprint for others

Metaverse activity in Asia, much like the rest of the world, is still in its infancy, as companies invest time and money in finding the first major winning application. Despite the growing interest and South Korea’s plans, no country has emerged with a clear first mover advantage. (read more)

#South Korea’s Cyworld Revives As A Web3 Integration

Web3 or as many call it, “Serenity,” is considered as the evolution of the internet we are using today (Web2). Web3 is where you are the sole owner of your data, and none of the organizations out there have possession over it. (read more)



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