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07 July #NFT #Developers #Game-Fi #DeFi&Trading

Bitmark Raises $5.6M, Launches Interoperable NFT Wallet

The wallet, named “Autonomy,” is looking to bridge the gap between mainstream art collectors and the world of NFTs…(Read More)

🔗 Developers
Chinese Central Bank May Apply Smart Contract Technology to Digital Yuan

The central People’s Bank of China (PBoC) could be set to make use of smart contracts in its digital yuan project — an indication that blockchain technology could well end up playing a larger role than expected in the e-CNY’s future. Although the Chinese government — and President Xi Jinping — have publicly embraced blockchain as a growth engine…(Read More)

Solana Labs, Multicoin Accused of Violating Securities Law by SOL Investor
Solana Labs、Multicoin被SOL投资者指控违反证券法

Filed by California resident Mark Young, who said he bought SOL in late summer 2021, the suit names Solana Labs, the Solana Foundation, Solana’s Anatoly Yakovenko, crypto VC giant Multicoin Capital, Multicoin’s Kyle Samani and trading desk FalconX…(Read More)

👾 Game-Fi
Monkey Empire: Monkeys on the Play-to-earn

Monkey Empire is an MMO-RTS (Massively Multiplayer Online Real-Time Strategy) video game similar to Clash of Clans and Guns of Glory. Designed to be cross-platform between mobile and desktop, it will allow you to play wherever you want, whenever you want…(Read More)

📈 DeFi & Trading
DeFi is ‘Designed to Avoid This Bullshit,’ Compound Founder Says About Crypto Bailouts
Compound创始人谈到加密货币困境时说,DeFi的意义正是为了 “避免这种扯淡”

Discussing the troubles currently faced by centralized crypto lenders like Celsius (CEL), Voyager Digital, and BlockFi in a recent episode of the Unchained Podcast, Leshner said that the companies are all in trouble because of the way they are operated…(Read More)

Bitcoin and Ethereum Inch Higher, SAND and RUNE Outperform

Bitcoin price is trading well above the USD 19,500 support zone. BTC even tested the USD 20,500 level. It is currently (03:51 UTC) trading near USD 20,400 and is up around 2% in a day and a week…(Read More)

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#DeFi #CeFi

随着加密货币业进入冬季后,加密货币经纪商Voyager Digital在7月6日宣布,该公司已经向纽约南区的美国破产法院提交破产保护申请。

有分析认为,Voyager Digital之所以会破产,是因为受到了先前三箭资本(Three Arrows Capital)崩盘的影响,无法向该平台上的用户(主要为加密货币的散户投资者)支付应得的回报。虽然Voyager Digital表示将会通过法院监督程序从3AC收回资金,但是其颓势已经不可抵挡了。

但是,Voyager Digital仅仅是加密货币市场动荡的一个缩影,在加密货币市场的动荡之下,按市值计算的8种最大型的数字货币共有近1.6万亿美元的总损失。

DeFi协议Compound(COMP)的创始人Robert Leshner表示,这是因为在加密货币圈中如Voyager Digital这样的公司并没有真正利用DeFi的技术,他们中心化的运营是自身悲剧的导火线

DeFi是什么?DeFi为“Decentralised Finance”的缩写,意为”去中心化金融“。其反义词则为目前金融机构所使用的普遍管理模式 — — “中心化金融”(Centralised Finance)。简单而言,DeFi是一个建立在区块链上的金融服务系统,在这里,所有的金融活动参与人,包括买家、卖家、借贷方等都能在链上交易,这笔记录将会被公开验证,交易记录不得被篡改,保证了数据和交易的透明度。


事实也正是如此地令人担忧。根据2018发布的Cryptoasset Taxonomy Report显示,现有的加密货币行业似乎也不可避免地陷入了这个危机 — — 仅有16%的加密资产真正意义上达到了去中心化,超过一半(约55%)的加密资产介于中心化和去中心化之间。

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