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3 min readJun 29, 2022

29 June #NFT #Developers #Metaverse #DeFi&Trading

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Bored Apes creator sues conceptual artist for copying its NFTs

The company behind Bored Ape Yacht Club has sued conceptual artist Ryder Ripps for selling duplicates of its Bored Ape non-fungible tokens or NFTs. The lawsuit , filed in a California court this weekend, accuses Ripps of a “calculated, intentional, and willful” scheme to damage BAYC while promoting his own copycat work…(Read More)

NFT Artists Struggle To Price Mints Amid Crypto Crash

Some NFT merchants are increasing their mint prices to maintain fiat value Mastercard and Stripe are creating systems to exchange NFTs with fiat currency Downstream from the general decline in cryptocurrency prices, NFT creators face a trade-off: increase their mint price in crypto terms — or book steep fiat losses…(Read More)

Montana storm knocks 75% of Marathon’s active crypto mining fleet offline

The storm hit the town of Hardin on June 11 and damaged the power generating facility supplying Marathon’s operations, according to a statement from the company issued Tuesday. With these miners offline, Marathon’s bitcoin production is expected to be significantly reduced until repairs to the power generating facility in Montana can be completed or until the miners can be relocated to new facilities,” the firm said…(Read More)

🌖 Metaverse
HTC’s New Metaverse Phone Includes Crypto and NFT Wallet
Smartphone manufacturer HTC has launched its first “Viverse” phone, designed to be compatible with its metaverse platform and incorporating crypto and NFT functionality. The HTC Desire 22 Pro comes preloaded with apps that let you access and manage your metaverse content, including crypto and NFTs, from the phone…(Read More)

📈 DeFi & Trading
Hacker Group Anonymous Vows To Hold Terra (LUNA) Founder Do Kwon Accountable for UST Collapse
黑客组织 “匿名者” 宣誓要让Terra (LUNA)创始人Do Kwon为UST的崩溃负责

Do Kwon, if you are listening, sadly, there is nothing that can be done to reverse the damage that you have done. At this point, the only thing that we can do is hold you accountable and make sure that you are brought to justice as soon as possible.”…(Read More)

With Shibarium on the way, can Shiba Inu still walk the bark
Through a proposal published on 19 June, the Shiba Inu ecosystem asked community members to vote on whether or not to halt further minting of BONE tokens upon reaching 230 million tokens…(Read More)

🔍 Learn
#Terra #LUNA #Anonymous

黑客活动组织匿名者(Anonymous)在YouTube平台上警告,将会确保Terra的联合创始人Do Kwon对上个月的Terra(LUNA)和Terra(UST)生态系统崩溃一事负起法律责任。匿名者承诺,将揭发Do Kwon进入加密货币领域以来的所有罪行。

匿名者对Do Kwon的公开信息(来源:Anonymous/YouTube)

发生了什么?知识点复习:Terra 2.0的卷土重来

Do Kwon的在LUNA/UST的崩盘之后,主要面对来自韩国警方和美国证交会的指控,前者对其的指控包括欺诈、洗钱和庞氏骗局(即“拆东墙补西墙”,通过承诺高额回报吸收资金,利用新投资者资金支付之前投资者的利息以制造赚钱的假象),后者主要针对非法协议与恶意崩盘事件做出调查。

1. 欺诈、洗钱、庞氏骗局
2022年6月8日,韩国首尔警察厅宣布对Terraform Labs和其创始人Do Kwon,以及一名职员进行调查。警方相信,Do Kwon手下的职员伪造了公司财政部所持有的虚拟货币数量,伪造了LUNA和UST的价值持平的信息。同时,检察官相信Do Kwon与合伙人明确清楚Terra模式的不可持续性,但是仍然对着散户们“画大饼”,筹集资金。Galaxy Digital的首席执行官Mike Novogratz——Terra的主要投资者,也在不久前承认,他其实也相信Terra的模式是不可持续的。Terra链上著名的DeFi生态项目 — — 锚定协议(Anchor Protocal)也声称,他们此前已经对Terraform Labs提出相关警告。

2. 非法协议、恶意崩盘
2022年6月10日,美国证交会透露,Do Kwon在Terra崩盘之前,就已经在一个月内套现8000万美元,这意味着他们可能原本就已经知晓了崩盘的实现和方式。同时,Mirror协议(一项Terra的项目,可以通过该协议购买特斯拉和苹果等传统股票)因为与美国本土公司建立合作关系推广自身的业务,但是没有在美国当地进行注册而遭到美国证交会的调查。

谁是匿名者(Anonymous)?匿名者原先为全球最大的黑客组织,现在为SECSWA组织下的一个分支,曾经对美国、中国、朝鲜、韩国和台湾地区的政府组织进行黑客攻击,在最近的俄乌战争中,匿名者更是在俄军宣布向乌克兰派兵后骇入了车臣的政府网站,而现在,Terraform Labs的创始人Do Kwon成为了匿名者的目标,宣称将会让他“绳之以法”。

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